Mis Du Bach / Black February

Opera: Treble, soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and bass-baritone soloists, SATB Chorus and ensemble
90 minutes
Commissioned by Welsh National Opera and the Last Invasion Bi-centenary. First performed 1997 by Welsh National Opera and Fishguard community.

“Community opera projects… at their best – and this is one of the best I have ever seen - …can pull together entire communities in a creative process that both enriches and celebrates the innate skills and talents of the community involved.”
Michael Parkin, Western Mail

“A wonderful community effort involving all sorts of people who have never done anything like it before.”
Mike Woakes, Fishguard Bicentenary spokesman, 29 October 9

Black February / Mis Bach Du was commissioned by the Welsh National Opera and produced with and by the people of Fishguard, a beautiful town on the coast of Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. It told the story of the last invasion of Britain, in 1797, by a motley force of French convicts led by Irish and American officers, who were eventually persuaded to surrender before much blood was spilt.

The piece was created during a year in collaboration with WNO and the people of the surrounding areas, including many school-aged participants. It is scored for a mix of amateur and professional musicians including brass band, with all the vocal roles sung by non-professionals.

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